Friday, July 27, 2012

Armored Kill Dlc News

Just revealed is some very interesting info over bf3's newest map pack. Named armored kill players will be getting 4 new maps including the largest map in Bf3 history. New vehicles will be included ( name hints to tanks). Five new unlocks for original vehicles will be included and twenty unlocks for new vehicles. This could shake up the game. And if that isnt enough to have you drooling over the dlc a new game mode is also included. This new mode leaves tank gunners and infantry using "all their skills to control key points of the maps.” as battlefields blog put it. Unlike rumor the console players will remain at twenty four. You can expect to find this in september with ps3 getting it one week early. What are your thoughts on the new DLC and what should dice be including? Leave you comment below.
Dakota Wise

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