Monday, July 30, 2012

Android App of The Week

Atomic Bomber

This weeks featured android app of the week, happens to be one of my favorites. Well I like the way the description says it " Bomb the communists back to 1916!
Fly a NATO ground-attack fighter to repel a Soviet invasion.
It's 1970, and the communists are invading Europe. It's your job to bomb them back to 1916. Tactical nuclear weapons are authorized-- it's gonna be fun on the bun!
Your bombs fall with realistic physics. Dodge MiGs, guided missiles, and anti-air guns."


This is strictly a 2d game but that actually is one of the reasons it is so fun. Your goal? Bomb everyone in that particular wave to the ground! All while earning upgrade and dodging the pesky missiles and AA guns. 


Controls are very simple. On the left side there are the buttons to drop bombs and nukes.
To steer just simply drag your finger in the direction you want to go.


There is a free version but you get one less life, don't get to have your upgrades after you died, and only have one plane. For only 99 Cents you get to have three lives, upgrades last after you die and get two planes to use.

Over all

In conclusion Atomic Bomber is a great time waster that any phone is able to handle. My optimus with a 600mhz processor played it perfectly. Controls are great, in my opinion the graphics really fit in with the game. I've spent 50+ hours playing this game and still find my self coming back.


Wasting Time----------------------5/5
Over all-------------------------------4.5/5

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