Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mlb 2k12 Review

Well before I ran out and bought any games to review I figured I should review the eighteen or so that I own.  This one is one of the newest. The new main menu is amazing. No more digging through save load menus to get to the game you want. It is very similar(reminded me of) to the windows phone configuration. On start up it goes through and loads the living roster feautre and the games of the day. Since I went from 2K9 to 2K12 all this is new to me. On 2k9 my living roster never updated. There is a mode to actually play games going on that day in the mlb. I myself dont play it, but it seems like a cool enough mode. There is still the standard season mode not much has changed here. My favorite mode by far is the carreer mode. You get to make your player, select your position, and earn your way to the big leauges.

Starting out in the minor leauges is slightly anoying as you play like the four teams over and over. You have to play games to earn skill points, which you later can use to upgrade your hitter how you want. My one gripe about this mode is the base running. You get challenges to do a hit and run but your batter dosnt swing. The baserunnig is all togother just time consuming with very little returned by it.

The graphics seem amazing to me. I have it for xbox so I can only imagine how much better it is for Pc. The players seem to move pretty realisticly to me. So dose the ball off the bat.

Like wise the announcers have gotten better through the years and the jump from 2k9 to 2k12 was evident.


graphics------------------------------------- 8/10
game play----------------------------------- 9/10
ease of use---------------------------------- 10/10
price---------------------------------------- 7.5/10

over all



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