Saturday, November 10, 2012

Increasing your Youtube Views

How to Increase your Youtube Viewa
While YouTube itself is not inherently Game related, Gaming channels seem to be among the most popular uses for YouTube (Except funny cat videos). As a result multimillion subscriber channels have developed such as Woody'sGamerTag or Syndicate. While your ultimate goal may be internet fame, this will never materialize if you don't put in the basic work to Increase your Channel's Popularity. Lucky for you I have just the list.

  • Perhaps one of the most unused and ignored features for YouTube is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). YouTube is after all the second biggest search engine in the world. While some people devote their lives to mastering the art of SEO (You think i'm kidding!) YouTube makes it easy for us. Use the tag options at the bottom of the video. This has a few basic rules. First use relevant tags. You want people to stick around and subscribe, so don't use tags that aren't relevant to your video.
Increase your youtube views

  • YouTube annotations can be a great way to get organic traffic to one of your related video's or just to  get people to subscribe. With that being said if people are annoyed you won't be getting any new subscribers or pleasant comments. The lesson don't use annotations spammy.   
Increase your youtube views

  • Releasing on a schedule can keep people coming back. People like order and routine, so releasing the same time every week in the long run will benefit your channel
Increase your youtube views

  • While on the topic of a routine try to create your videos with the same format every time  You will get people who hate how you do videos and love it. When switching around how you create them you run the risk of making someone who loved your videos hate them. 
  • Naming your videos in the same format will help you acquire traffic from the YouTube search as you channel becomes more popular. While this won't get you a huge amount of traffic right away, later on you will get lots more views of people trying to search for one of your other videos.
YouTube itself is unique as it is one of the only platforms the average joe can become famous on easily. While all these tips will help if you produce quality content. Ask yourself if you would watch your video, and if you answer no you may want to change it up to make it more attractive. Thanks guys for reading this, i'd appreciate it if you would subscribe or share this. All that can be found on the right hand side column. Feel free to comment below. Thanks.
-Dakota Wise


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