Saturday, November 10, 2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 living up to expectations?

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition was welcomed with open arms to the Xbox community; many people (including myself) bought it right away. It was... well I guess you could say a disappointment. It brought us back to the first beta of pc version. We weren't sure when the next update was going to come out especially when a tip in the loading screen said "There will be an update eventually." No one knew when this update would come out. The update did finally come out about three or four months later. In this update it made fell a little better and fixed a few bugs in the game. Then another update came out right after. This update was horrible it just brought more bugs into the game(i.e. endermen randomly glitching everywhere, chests glitching open, eating gesture keeps going after done eating and more.) they brought villages into the game, but didn't bring villagers into the game. The couple things i am happy about in this update are; creative mode, super flat worlds, and host options, I'll give Mojang that. The game is new but, needs improvement.
gameplay  4/5
feel           2/5
graphics    4/5

overall   10/15

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